Darroch Consulting has been in business for over 30 years and is made up of a small group of specialist professional engineers and designers with expertise in the design of efficient distribution centres. We use thorough analysis and an engineering approach in the development of the projects we undertake for our clients.



Current team members are:

• Steven Darroch, BE(Mech) General Manager
• Barry Darroch, FIPENZ, FIET, CEng. Consultant
• Doug McIntosh, BA IT Consultant
• Meredith Storey, BE(Mech), BA Consulting Engineer
• Richard Mahoney, BE(Mech) Consulting Engineer

• Tony Ma, BE(EEE), BCom Consulting Engineer
• Dion Vuletich Engineering Technician
• Jane Taylor Personal Assistant
• Dan Austin, BE(Mech) Commercial Manager


Experience and Advice:

This business has had a significant level of practical experience in the industries it has served and, therefore, is able
to relatively quickly determine the best options and solutions for a project. We provide sound, practical solutions to sometimes very complex technical problems but with a solid commercial judgement.

DC Design:

We design high quality detailed integrated material handling systems designed for large, small, complex and simple projects depending on client requirements.
Our designs also cover the development of a total site involving the positioning of a distribution centre with canopy and where applicable offices as well as a total review of transport vehicles and container movements on the site.
Our designs also cover many additional features apart from material handling systems.For example, we have considerable experience in designing battery room requirements that comply with the relevant Standards and provide a high level of operational safety.We have also provided designs of specialised safety items to protect equipment and people.

Data Analysis and Modelling:

Our level of skill with supply chain data analysis and modelling is of world class standard.  This has been developed and
has been necessary to support the large and complex projects that we handle throughout Australasia.
We undertake detailed supply chain data analysis projects. These study the total flow of products from source, through distribution centres to end customers. This level of complex analysis enables us to clearly understand all of the supply chain drivers and identify problems and issues for our clients.

A recent large complex supply chain project required us to analyse and model some 20 million lines of transactional data, which resulted in a very successful outcome for our client. We also frequently develop models to project forward activity
as many projects are built with a 10 to 15 year life.  This enables the right decisions to be made now for the future.
When required, our models also incorporate an in-depth cost benefit analysis including NPV calculations, payback, etc.

DC Development:

Because we have developed a large number of distribution centres over the past 20 years, we have had considerable experience in the specifications of the various building elements.We frequently supply an outline building specification to launch a project and enable initial costingsto be developed.In addition, we have standard working papers on floor design, lighting and battery charging rooms as required.Therefore, when developing a new distribution centre, we will provide the outline of the total building requirements including length, breadth, height, columns, grid spans, canopies and other features as required.

WMS / Technology:

We have IT consultants who are largely involved in selecting and installing warehouse management systems and associated technologies.This usually includes barcode track and trace systems as well as pick and put to light systems, voice technology and the like.

Project Management:

We provide full project management when required, which includes support for the total site development as it affects the operation of the facility, management of the total MHE fitoutincluding RFP, selection of suppliers, installation and commissioning, control of project time schedules and costs.

Very High Output Standards:

The success of the company has been largely attributed to setting and maintaining very high standards across every aspect of the business. We operate with integrity and honesty in all business affairs.
The quality of output for every project is of the highest possible standard, whether it be concepts and advice, data analysis and modelling, high quality AutoCAD design and outputs, or commercial advice on investment, payback, property development and the like.